March 15, 2012

Why SsangYong will probably succeed

Customer service is the key to a successful car company. The greatest deal and the greatest car ever can quickly sour if the after sales service is crap. SsangYong's New Zealand importer, Greatlake Motor Distributors of Taupo, seems to understand this. Earlier this week, after the Actyon Sports launch, I was in the boardroom working away on my computer, waiting to be taken to the airport, when a woman came in complaining politely but firmly about an unresolved problem with her Rexton. I didn't hear exactly what the problem was, but within minutes a senior person was downstairs checking it. The SsangYong people were impressive in the way they dealt with the customer; apprently genuinely concerned about solving the issue and they had no idea I was being a fly on the wall. I wish I'd been treated like this whenever I complained about the cars I have owned. The woman went away happy. She'll probably tell others and I'll certainly relate the tale whenever people ask about SsangYong.


  1. how much did they pay you to write that?

  2. I bought an Actyon six months ago; sales and service have been great, as has the vehicle.