March 28, 2012

Cruiser 200 upgraded: don't worry, it's only money

Toyota has finally released details of the upgraded Land Cruiser 200 VX and VX Limited models. Yup, the VX Limited is back as a stand-alone model. The VX lists at $125,500 and the VX Limited, $147,500. Both introduce Multi-Terrain Select (MTS) that regulates wheelspin in tougher off-road conditions in any of five driver-selectable modes: rock, rock and dirt, mogul, loose rock, mud and sand.

The VX Limited has four wide-angle cameras for checking blindspots and showing terrain hazards and apexes that would otherwise be hidden from view. Toyota’s off-road cruise control system, Crawl control, has been improved from three low-speed settings to five settings. It automatically controls the engine output and brake hydraulic pressure to maintain a uniform vehicle speed with little wheelspin or lock-up. The system now includes an Off-road Turn Assist (OTA) function that combines with Crawl control to make it easier to negotiate sharp bends by automatically applying the inside rear brake. Toyota's Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System (KDSS) is a $4400 option for VX and standard for the Limited. KDSS, provides significantly longer wheel articulation for off-road driving and roll control for on-road.

The Cruiser has a new front with revised bumpers and grille and newly styled 18 inch alloy wheels. Interior upgrades include different audio systems and improved information displays.

My wish: That they could shrink the thing to about Grand Vitara size to make it usable on many of our tighter tracks because, size and price aside, it's pretty much the perfect 4WD.

Here's the story on the Lexus LX570 equivalent. And here's an interesting American point of view on the Cruiser 200.


  1. "it's pretty much the perfect 4WD."

    You MUST be joking.

  2. Robert the RabbitMarch 31, 2012 at 9:56 PM

    What's this guy on about? Okay, it's a little big but the Cruiser is a fantastic 4WD. Able, reliable and great customer service. No I'm not a Toyota salesman, just someone who would like to own one

  3. There's not much wrong with a Cruiser 200 except its price. Look for a good 100 or even 80 and you have much the same thing for a lot less price.