March 7, 2012


Down in Queenstown earlier this week, where it was interesting to see so many 4WD-oriented activities represented on the brochure racks. Good to see one of the long-timers, Nomad Safaris, still in there and now also offering quad safaris ("The ride with the view"). Nomad's Defenders are busy with trips to Skippers Canyon, Macetown, the Lord of the Rings trips and one in which "you take control" – it's sort of a 4WD lesson. Off Road Queenstown 4WD is doing much the same touring in Land Cruisers and also offers rentals and driver training. Cardrona Adventure Park offers a you-drive Monster Truck and off-road racer, Argo trips, an "extreme" 4WD "school bus", quad rides and down-sized off-roaders for kids. And Skippers Canyon 4WD, an offspring of Skippers Canyon Jet Ltd, does what its name suggests, using 4WD tourist buses.

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  1. I've had a bit to do with Nomad over the years, they're a good crowd.