February 21, 2012

First look at upgraded Land Cruiser 200

Down in Palmy yesterday for the launch of the new Camry car. Toyota has finally engineered some spirit into its mid-size mainstreamer, but the highlight for me was getting taken aside for a quick look at the facelifted Land Cruiser 200, that's to be released in a couple of weeks. It's one of these "let's fiddle with it" updates with modifications to the nose, tail and interior but both models, the VX and VX Limited, have the interesting steering-assist feature. Functioning only in four-low, it brakes individual wheels to rather cleverly tighten the turning circle, which is already good for its wheelbase at 11.8m. Best of all, there's no change in pricing. Well no; best of all would have been a decrease but these days anything that doesn't cost more is good.

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