January 8, 2012

So they're not after the enthusiast market, then

Here's what UK's Autocar has to say about the new Range Rover, coming later this year:
"The most radical and technically advanced model in Land Rover’s history will feature aluminium body technology and Evoque-derived styling, including a sloping roofline. With a slightly longer and wider footprint than today’s model, the new model puts much of the interior focus on the rear seats to satisfy the burgeoning ranks of chauffeur-driven Range Rovers. Interior quality is said to equal or better Bentley’s. Engines will largely be carried over, while the alloy body will reduce the kerb weight by about 450kg, to improve fuel economy and cut emissions. Given the hugely improved spec, prices are set to climb considerably. High-spec models will easily break the £100k barrier when the Range Rover is unveiled in the autumn."

1 comment:

  1. Good. I could sit in the back and have my chauffeur drive me over Thompson's Track.