May 6, 2011

How to tell an Aussie from an American

In the ongoing quest to refine the Jeep's capabilities, I have over a period of months emailed four different, reputable, Australian stockists of American equipment to get pricing and shipping information. With the Australian, American and New Zealand dollars where they are, buying from the nation to our west makes sense. Not one of those companies bothered to reply. I guess the media reports are right, and the Aussies are so lucky that they don't need to bother about phoning the courier to get a shipping price to the Quaky Isles. Meanwhile, I have been in touch with several US Jeep-stuff suppliers. Every one replied almost right away, within the confines of the time differences, and has been unfailingly courteous and helpful, so guess where my money goes. That's the difference, the Americans know what customer service is and how to deliver it. By and large, the Australians don't give a stuff.

Here's an earlier post on some excellent NZ customer service. And another.

UPDATE: A couple of days ago, a month after my email, one of the Aussie companies replied. They don't do exports to NZ.


  1. I've had much the same experience with Australian companies for Land Cruiser 80 stuff but fortunately a lot of it is available in NZ if you hunt around.

  2. Agree. The yanks are much better at customer service.