February 9, 2011

Good look at fitting a winch

Here's a helpful video from the 4WDTV guys about fitting a Chinese Tigerz11 12,000lb winch. It's well worth watching by anyone considering fitting any kind of winch, who isn't an expert on the subject ("hmm, so nobody'll be watching it, then"). Click on video twice to see it full-size. There's a New Zealand agent for the rather impressive Tigerz11 with a website here. The TGW12R shown in the video lists locally for $1195 including GST.


  1. Chinese winchers suck. Stick with Warn and Super Winch.

  2. Maybe, maybe not. First, it depends less on the country of origin than the standard to which they're built. Second, it depends on whether the company stays in business and how well it and its agents provide after sales service.

  3. Does anyone have any experience with the Tigerz11 winch? It looks quite impressive.