January 18, 2011

Heads-up for XJ Cherokee owners

Here's a thread on the Ausjeep Offroad Forum on modifications you can make to your classic Jeep Cherokee for less than $100. Lots of great ideas including $20 swaybar disconnects. Go to the last page of the thread for the earliest postings and work backwards. Some argue that the XJ was the best of the Cherokees and there are still plenty of good ones around at cheap-as prices. The photo was taken during its launch in New Zealand, back in 1996.


  1. No question this was the best Cherokee so long as you stay away from the diesel. I liked everything about mine except for the petrol bills.

  2. Thanks. There were some good ideas in that list.

  3. Agree with the first comment. I had an XJ for years and it stood up to a lot of abuse, although the upholstery was a bit shoddy.