December 5, 2010

In case you wonder why people dislike 4WDers …

This from the December issue of Trail Torque, the NZ Four Wheel Drive Association newsletter:

"The Department of Conservation (DoC) on the Coromandel is investigating a complaint from a landowner at the top end of Maratoto Road, that a group of 4x4 owners cut fences on private land and trees on DoC lands, during a recent weekend. The group was aware that the gate to the Maratoto trail was still closed when it went to the area. The landowner was most annoyed at the attitude of the group when they were approached. DoC is considering prosecutions for the illegal activity.

"Such vandalism is the height of stupidity in an area that
already has  limited four wheeling options. Certainly the Maratoto trail itself is late opening this year because of the wet Spring, along with a need to do blasting and then get a digger up the trail to do overdue maintenance, but that does not excuse vandalism."

1 comment:

  1. Sadly this sort of ting is all too common. Many tracks have been closed as the result of irresponsible use. I wish I had an answer, but don't.