November 4, 2010

Alloy underprinnings for 2012 Range Rover

Spy pictures are now appearing on the Internet (and in today's AutoMotive News in the New Zealand Herald) of the 2012 Range Rover, which will have an aluminium chassis, saving some 400kg over the current model. Well, yes, it’s a monocoque body, but the engineers say so much work has been done to reinforce the underpinnings that it’s as close as dammit to a separate platform. The ‘chassis’ will also underpin the next Range Rover Sport, which now rides on the Discovery's platform.

The spypix don’t give away a lot, although there are hints of the promised roomier interior, a rounder nose and lower roof.

Producing lighter bodies is a major crusade at Land Rover, so don’t be surprised to see alloy underpinnings also appearing on the Discovery and all-new Defender.

Underneath a well shielded Range Rover Sport today;
one day soon it'll be shiny alloy.

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