September 21, 2010

Army's hand-me-downs = off-roader's good kit

Dodged the homeless, the noon-hour drunks and off-duty adult entertainment workers on Auckland's Karangahape Road today to check out the big Kiwi Disposals surplus store. Man, do these guys have a bunch of good stuff for off-roaders, from clothing (by no means all of it camouflaged, although the colour selection is predictably military) to storage cases and serviceable jerry cans. Only incredible willpower stopped me from buying all sorts of well priced stuff. Tip of the day: as much as we all love 4WD equipment shops, it's worth keeping an eye on the local war surplus outlet.


  1. What the hell does the hand grenade have to do with it all?

  2. Um ... that the surplus stores' prices are explosive?

  3. Surplus stores are amazing. I've bought a lot of my 4x4 gear from them.