August 8, 2010

(Too late to …) Be our next knowledge nerd

What's special about this particular 1988 Land Rover 90? It has a Nissan diesel engine transplant, but that's not what we're looking for. The clue is: he does it by the book. Extra kudos for naming the person who owned it when it was enjoying its 25 minutes of fame, and knowing where it is now. Post your answer in the Comments section. (Update: don't bother, we have our winner!)


  1. It looks like Ken Sibly's old truck, in which case the answer might be that it featured in his 4x4 South Island books. He sold it on Trademe but I don't know where it is now.

  2. Well done, Dennis, but you're hogging the contest! (Dennis correctly answered the first Knowledge Nerd question.) Will have to think about a really hard one next time! It was indeed Ken Sibly's vehicle and with all the exposure it got in his books is probably the country's most recognisable 90. It is now in the Auckland area.