August 5, 2015

First aid ideas: The things you find in a Nissan Navara

A Nissan Navara BNP300 currently in possession of 4wdNewz had in its driver's door pocket a QS1 "Vehicle/Lone Worker First Aid Kit." It turns out that QS1 is a trademark of the J M Smith Corporation of South Carolina, one of America's largest private companies, a major supplier of pharmacy and first aid products. Given the credentials of the company, it seemed like an idea to list the pouch's contents for those who might be thinking of adding a first aid kit to the 4WD, as you should. 

20 x assorted plasters.
2 x Triangular badge with two safety pins.
2 x antiseptic wipes.
1 each of the following:
Eye pad.
Wound dressing.
Non-absorbent 5cm x 7.5cm dressing.
Gauze swabs, 7.5cm x 7.5cm.
Roller bandage 5cm wide.
Paper tape roll, 1.25cm.
First aid tweezers.
Economy scissiors.
CPR resuscition mask.
Examination gloves.
First aid tips (which they emphasise is no substitute for training).
Aids/hepatitis warning label.
Clean-up/containment bag.

4wdNewz recommends: Anyone living near a St John office that sells supplies can go there for really good advice and assistance with putting together a custom first aid kit. Or take your present kit there and have them look at it for what's missing or needs replacing. The Red Cross and good commercial suppliers may well do the same thing, but it's nice to know that when the ambulance comes the profit from your sale has helped, in its own tiny way, to get it there.

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