July 20, 2015

Polaris Sunday – this silver missile doesn't quite make its target

Polaris, any visitor to this site will know, is the name of a leading American UTV manufacturer and principal sponsor of the 4WD Park at Woodhill Forest, near Auckland. It's also a name for the North Star in the night sky and a submarine based nuclear missile from the Cold War. Its nautical, missile-like and 4WD park connections come together in this sequence of photographs, taken on Sunday.
2008 Ford Ranger XLT tries the Polaris missile approach through a waterhole – full blast and damn the torpedoes. Great rooster tails, though.
All of a sudden, the trajectory falters; the guidance system has failed to detect an unfortunate lack of clearance
below the waterline.
A black plume of exhaust smoke confirms the terminal loss of forward motion. Well, any motion.
Not to worry. Out of the window and onto the roof to grab a shackle from the tray while  a winch in unwound.

"What's takin' ya so long, mate?"

A quick flick back in through the window and she's all good.

The usual crowd gathers to analyse possible problems, offer advice and generally watch the engine's resuscitation.


  1. I really feel for the young guy. Good to see him get out and help with his recovery, rather than sitting there expecting others to do it all for him. Full marks there.