July 27, 2015

Next Hilux – view from the inside

Here's what the interior of the new Toyota Hilux will look like when it arrives here later in the year: no doubt ute owners who like the pretend they're in a car will be delighted. More on the Hilux here.


  1. I note the photo shows a manual version. I wonder how many manuals are likely to come into NZ? Also this new technology for manuals....
    "4WDs will have either a six speed automatic or six speed manual. The manual SR5 and SR5 Limited use an "intelligent" manual, designed to avoid shift shock to make gear changes smoother. It also prevents the engine from stalling in first when the clutch is not engaged."
    Does this imply you don't need to use the clutch sitting at lights in 1st gear, yet vehicle will not stall .......... that's sounds more like a torque converter set up rather than clutch.

    1. Despite the growing number of automatic utes being registered, there's still a market for manuals, although I'm not sure why! And I think we'll still need a clutch at the lights: the description sounds like what happens when technology meets the marketing department.