November 21, 2014

More fruit for Wrangler Rubicon special edition, but it's not coming here

Jeep is using the Los Angeles motor show, on now, to display its Wrangler Rubicon 10th Anniversary Edition. But don't phone the dealer, it's not coming to New Zealand. The vehicle has such extras as a winch, bumpers with removable end caps, rock bars and a suspension lift. Interior extras include red leather upholstery and extra gauges for oil temperature and oil pressure. It’s available as a two or four door, with a soft-top or a hard top.


  1. Just as well its not coming. Can you imagine what the safety police would make of that front bumper?

    1. True, but there are a number of Wranglers running around with LVVTA certification for similar bumpers.

  2. The photo brings up a point. Even though they're designed to be taken off, what would the cops do if they saw you driving along the road, doorless? I don't want to be the test dummy.