September 29, 2014

Technical discussion: The theory and practice of gearbox usage

First, apologies to all Land Rover owners – certainly the gearbox on the old 4wdNewz Defender 90 was nothing like the one depicted. But, stolen from elsewhere on the internet, it seemed like an amusing diversion to start another windy, rainy spring week.


  1. The lower illustration depicts well the gear lever action of a Borgward Isabella I drove in the '60's in Mexico. A LR gearbox rarely gets anywhere near the illustration, they simply jam.

  2. Nice start, but its missing so much...

    1) "normal" cars are bereft of numbers on gearsticks. Instead they have made-up or foreign words like PNRLD

    2) The Batmobile has at least 20 gears in the closing credits - I remember counting them when I was a kid.

    3) Landrover Series gearbox has 8 forward and two reverse, or 16 and 4 if you have the overdrive. helps, not that you can change the high-low ratio while rolling :(

  3. I see all the Land Rover defenders are coming out. Attempt at subtle humour there.