February 21, 2014


A letter from the NZ Transport Agency is never good to get. They either want money or to tell you that you've done something wrong. But the one in today's mail was a puzzler. The reason for writing was that, as the owner of a 2010 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, they wanted me to be aware that they had corrected the fuel consumption figures. "This update is necessary because incorrect fuel consumption value/s were inadvertently provided to us by the previous Chrysler distributor," the letter said. But the "revised" figures looked remarkably (and depressingly) familiar: 16.4 litres per 100km for the urban cycle, 8.8 for extra-urban and 11.6, overall. I don't have a 2010 New Zealand brochure, but do have a 2009 one … and it gives exactly the same "corrected" consumption figures as quoted in the letter. How strange. Wonder how much it cost NZTA to send out letters to Jeep owners telling them exactly … nothing? And what's going on, anyway?


  1. I got one of those letters too. What a waste time, we already know our 3,8 Wranglers use too much petrol, no matter what the official figures say.

  2. I like the articulation on that Rubi!

  3. When I purchased my 2011 Rubicon they were advertising figures of around 11L/100km. After driving it for no more than a week I already knew that was far from the truth. Three years later this letter just sort of confirms that I guess.

    1. Yes, it's a bit of a reality shock! However, my 2010 is now doing almost 2.5l/100km better around town than it was a year ago. Haven't made any changes; guess it's just the engine "bedding down" or something.