June 30, 2013

Nothing like some sand for a midwinter run

Bet your average campervan doesn't do this to get to a stream. It's a top-model Aussie job, imported to New Zealand and now owned by Steve McMinn of Auckland.
Could it be the lack of opportunities for off roading in the Auckland area, or could it have been that local enthusiasts just wanted to shake off the winter blues as June got set to transform into July? Whatever the reasons, a day out a relatively small private property behind Bethells Beach, on the West Coast, drew 26 vehicles from the Auckland 4WD Club and the Land Rover Owners Club Auckland. Twenty-six! But, surprisingly, we all fitted in quite well. The pictures below capture come of the activities on the sand and dunes. The day also included a run along some farm tracks, where the 4wdNewz Wrangler Rubicon was one of the vehicles not to do well, although it managed to get out of each situation under its own steam. Various previous postings have praised its asymmetric-tread Goodyear Wranger MT/Rs, but in the conditions of the day they were horrible, unable to provide grip even though they still possess lots of tread and were aired down to 17psi.
The usual suspects.

Auckland club follows Land Rover Club
Wow, what more could you want: A gorgeous CJ, a 1951 Series I, and a dog.
If you don't remember the Camel Trophy events you're too young to be reading this.

Cruiser 200 almost nails a hard hill climb as part of the pre-lunch entertainment.

Ditto a Nissan Patrol

… and a TJ Wrangler scrambles over the edge.

Oh the shame, a Nissan Patrol winched by a … Land Rover Discovery.


  1. Regrettably, I was working. Looks like it was really fun.

  2. I've always thought those Wrangler MTRs to be inferior to the equivalent Mickeys or BFGs.

  3. Hi There, is there any chance of getting hold of some of the photo's of the matte white Landrover 110 (with Mara Conservancy logo on the door)? Especially the one in the Bethells stream bed.

    1. Sorry; however, you can always save to your computer any of the shots on the site.