April 28, 2013

Unnecessary hooning … but just this once to celebrate drought's end

Completely unnecessary, but lots of fun: after months of drought a bit of water was too much to resist in the Jeep Woodhill 4WD Adventure Park near Auckland today. 
And here's the vehicle vaguely visible in the background; the new Discovery 4 (shown in a more sedate moment, right) with the eight speed transmission and the 600Nm SDV6 engine. What an amazing engine and gearbox; after a day of off roading, mostly in low range, overall fuel consumption was still only 9.7 litres per 100km. The 4wdNewz Wrangler Rubicon two door seems to leap up to 19 or 20 litres per 100 moments after low range is selected. The Land Rover Owners Club had almost 20 vehicles in the park on a day trip; hope they had as much fun as we did. Oh yes one small point, the Discovery costs $124,000 but don't worry, there's a lower powered, lower spec one for only $99,500.

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