April 10, 2013

Ah what the heck, the FJ Cruiser deserves to be in the group below

Okay FJ Cruiser guys, you're right. It should join the Land Cruiser 70 and Defender in the posting below as one of the vehicles you can take to fairly serious tracks from the showroom floor. Ladder chassis, standard rear diff lock, decent clearance … all the good stuff. The front bumper's likely to get bashed, the independent front suspension may not quite match the beam axle of the Defender/70 in some situations and the outward vision's not the best, but overall it's a bit of a weapon.


  1. Finally, you got it right.

  2. But the FJ Cruiser is not really a wagon being basically only a two door. The look is also something you either like or hate.
    Its is just a Prado with a different body.

    1. Wagons can be two-door (or three-door if you count the rear one)! Plus, it has the suicide door arrangement that makes access quite easy. Agree about the looks, but they don't make it a better or worse off-roader. Thanks for your comments.