January 20, 2013

Are there any really nice Samurais left?

Dredging through the 4wdNewz archives for something else, this spanking new 1996 Samurai, the first with coil springs, caught the eye. Back then, it was on Suzuki's fleet as a press car. It's still registered, with an alleged 125,000km on the clock, although that might be the second or third time around. All of the Samurais that come on Trademe these days are well and truly used, begging the question as to whether there are any really nice, clean, low mileage examples out there – ones only driven by little old ladies to watch trials on weekends? 4wdNewz would be interested to hear, just send a note via the comments section, below (comments are not automatically published, so if you don't want the info spread around, it won't be).

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