October 9, 2012

No Wrangler ute; Jeep to go for a proper one-tonner

You can get this as a kitset, but forget about a production version
Visitors to 4wdNewz have always shown interest when the subject of a Jeep Wrangler ute has come up. Mopar makes an (expensive) JK-8 conversion kit, as do a couple of American aftermarket specialists. The utes look really cool and are fairly practical, so there's been lots of speculation that Chrysler might put one into production. But now that seems unlikely. Instead, Jeep's more likely to introduce a "proper" one-tonne rival for the Japanese utes.This would probably be based on a new-generation commercial vehicle platform, shared with the Ram truck and Fiat Professional brands. So not a Jeep at all, apart from the badge.
This update came from Fiat Chrysler Group Australia managing director Clyde Campbell. “I think the clear decision is that if you are going to have a pick-up it has got to be a metric-tonne pick-up … it’s got to be a beast that ticks a few boxes.” The JK-8 conversion can only take about 800kg and a motorcycle won't fit on its tray. “It’s a funny sort of configuration, but it looks fantastic,” said Campbell.

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  1. That JK8 is so cool. Jeep would make a killing selling these; a badged Dodge truck, not so much.