September 21, 2012

These are the 4WDs most favoured by NZ thieves

Detractors of Jeeps and Land Rovers have been heard to say that you can't give them away, but it gets worse; it seems that hardly anyone wants to steal them, either. According to the Police's national car theft figures for the last six months, only 10 thieves wanted a Jeep, six helped themselves to a Land Rover and three to a Range Rover. On the other hand, 4wdNewz wouldn't want to park a Patrol-Safari in a dark alleyway. At 32, it was the most-stolen 4WD in the period. Members of the Land Cruiser family, including the Prado, were next at 25, followed by versions of the Isuzu Trooper-Bighorn-Jackaroo, etc at 17. Only seven considered a Vitara-Escudo worth flogging and nobody took a Jimny or Samurai.


  1. Thieves know when they're outclassed :P

  2. My old Defender was so easy to break into I never bothered locking it ... and even then it didn't get stolen!

  3. Seriously - if a thief could figure out all the little tricks to starting my Series 3 then good on him and he deserves it.