November 17, 2011

A nice little RWC souvenir

Most of the Rugby World Club Land Rovers and Range Rovers have sold, even though you could buy more than 450 copies of the overpriced Adidas All Blacks jersey for the price of one Discovery 4. Apparently most buyers have asked their dealer not to remove the decals. They'd be gone in a flash were one mine; the example I've been driving has attracted so much attention it might as well have been painted bright red with flashing lights. I'm not sure whether they're admiring my choice of vehicle, or looking to see if there's an All Black on board, or just wondering what kind of wanker with too much money would drive around in an SUV decked out like that!


  1. It doesn't look very muddy.

  2. True. That's partly on purpose -- I wasn't in a mood to spend a couple of hours cleaning it.