October 19, 2011

What a difference 1000km makes

Just been driving the new Toyota Hilux double cab manual for a week. Still a nice truck despite being somewhat eclipsed by the new Ford Ranger, but what a horrible gearbox – vague, sticky and generally unpleasant. Was this because the truck had done less than 1000km and the mechanism needed to free-up? I've just swapped into an SR5 extended-cab version (above) with about 2000km and what a difference. Same gearbox, but it's slick and almost smooth; not exactly sports car, but a night-and-day difference. The other thing I've learned in this changeover is that I wouldn't pay extra for the "luxury" SR5 over the standard-spec version, the extra features aren't worth it and I far preferred the standard sound system over the annoying touch screen "media centre" of the SR5.

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