September 29, 2011

It’s not a sports car, but …

Dumping the torsion bar for coils up front, throwing out the recirculating ball steering for rack and pinion, redesigning the rear leaf springs, and putting in the best electronics on a ute mean that the Ranger handles more like a sporting car than a truck. The rack and pinion steering is a revelation, yet doesn’t come back and bite on rough tracks. Many manufacturers already know this; rack and pinion pretty much rules in the 4WD world these days. The manual six-speed, once the driver is used to it, is heaps of fun. Close your eyes (no, don’t; you’re driving) and it might be a sporty car’s. Actually, it is; you’ll find it in the Mustang. Electronics tame the light rear end. It’s like a vehicle with a split personality – an on-road tourer, an off-road weapon.

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