August 24, 2011

We meet our favourite 4WD photographer

Here's a photograph taken by Nick Dimbleby of your 4wdNewz host driving the new Evoque at speed in a forest … well not quite, down the driveway of our lunch stop, using a slow shutter speed to get the blur.
Nick Dimbleby is a name familiar to many New Zealand Land Rover enthusiasts for the books he has authored and/or photographed on their favourite make. I had the pleasure of working with Nick, whose outstanding work I have admired for years, on the Range Rover Evoque launch in North Wales and Liverpool last week and found him to be a thoroughly likable guy who was more than willing to put himself out to accommodate the needs of some Antipodean motoring writer. These days, Nick points his camera at much more than Land Rovers, having become a notable vehicle and motorsport photographer and even manages to fit in weddings and other commercial work. Here's a list of Nick's books.

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