June 26, 2011

FJ Cruiser: interior design

It was designed for an LHD market but there's nothing on RHD models to give that away. The transmission is the electronically controlled five speed A750F unit with AI ('artificial intelligence') and lock-up torque converter. 4wdNewz wondered what all those blank switches were for, but they're also mostly blanked in photos of US dashboards. However, one is for an on-off switch to control a 115v inverter; a 220v version would be nice for our market.
Nice instrument panel and there's an accessory gauge console on top of the dash. with compass, outside temperature display and inclinometer. Oddly, there's no trip computer.
Here's something you don't often see – side sunvisors; and big ones, too.

I love those three energetic wipers! Click the little triangle to watch.

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