May 23, 2011

Jeep has much to answer for

This old timer was on hand for the launch of the JK Wrangler in 2007. The event began at the aviation museum at Tauranga Airport, hence the Harvard in the background.
Jeep’s celebrating its 70th anniversary this year. Here are other milestones – note that each one started by building Jeeps or Jeep influenced vehicles:

• Land Rover turned 60 in 2008. The prototypes were built on Jeep chassis.

• Toyota Land Cruiser turned 60 this year; its original production vehicle was the Jeep-influenced BJ.

• Nissan’s Patrol (originally the Jeep-like 4W60) also turns 60 this year.

• Mitsubishi celebrates 60 years of 4WD production in 2013 – it started by building Jeeps!


  1. Interesting that it's RHD. Do you know anything about it?

  2. Sorry, I did have some notes, but have since lost them. Can anyone help out?

  3. this jeep has just been re painted 1942 model