April 6, 2011

FJ Cruiser resumes trip May 15

Toyota will announce this week that its FJ Cruiser odyssey from North Cape to Bluff will resume in May. Here's a posting from when it was called off. Meanwhile, the FJ Cruiser has sold well for a niche vehicle: more than 60 by early April.

Update: And the above heads-up was indeed the case. It resumes May 15 at Puhoi and the ensuing itinerary is: New Plymouth, 17 May (Tasman Toyota); Hawkes Bay, 19 May (Hawke’s Bay Toyota); Wellington, 21 May (Rutherford & Bond Toyota); Christchurch, 24 May (Miles Toyota); Dunedin, 29 May (Cooke Howlison Toyota); Invercargill, 31 May (GWD Toyota) following journey to Bluff.

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