April 10, 2011

There goes Happy Hour …

The well-used 1994 Pajero V6 churns through the muck on what was supposed to be an easy track. Will the sausages have gone cold before we get out?
What a great idea. Do a few unformed (aka "paper") roads, adjourn to a local winery run by a club member, have a sausage sizzle and maybe even a glass or two of liquid refreshment. So that was the plan that got a bunch of Auckland 4WD Club vehicles assembled on the edge of Riverhead Forest after lunch on Saturday. Our trip leader had a list of half a dozen tracks, some of them behind council-installed locked gates, but we had both the key and the enthusiasm to knock them off even before the barbecue was hot.

The first track was easy; the second the track from hell – overgrown, rutted, muddy, wet; you name it. Ah well, that's the thing about off-roading – the only thing to expect is the unexpected. The sun had slipped behind the horizon before the final truck was out, so there went Happy Hour. But on the other hand, what a great opportunity to get in some recovery practice, watch some winching and improve lopping techniques on the gorse. I went home after the driving, but I'm told the hospitality at WestBrook Winery was excellent. I could have used some of their product next morning after spending more than three hours cleaning the Jeep. I collected enough clay from underneath it to take up pottery as a hobby, though.

So this all looks easy enough, but wait, there's more … much more.
A 1993 MU 2.8 diesel cautiously tests the depth of one of the holes.
Warn 8274 on Trip leader's Samurai gives a JK Wrangler a little help.
Simex shod 1997 TJ Wrangler Renegade with auto shows this hole who's in charge.
Sigh. The afternoon started out as such a cruise; the worst obstacle was the digger arm. Please hold comments about this being how Aucklanders prefer all their off roading.


  1. Are you joking. Dont you guys know how 2 drive properly, that track looks real easy.

  2. Yes, some parts were easy and they were usually the bits photographed, because in other sections it was not possible to open a door to get out! I remember now why I don't like liquid mud, it wrecks things like starter motors, clutches and headlights.

  3. Quite so (regarding the above). Photos are usually taken when it's relatively easy to do so and, in this particular case, getting out in many of the hard parts really wasn't an option.

  4. Wanker. Yo woodn't nkow what hard 4 wheeling is.

  5. I would say the author not only knows what hard four wheeling is, he knows how to spell as well.

  6. You girls should try some of the tracks we have on the coast, mate.