March 4, 2011

Tighter than a Jimny's turning circle

One thing that's good to have when off-roading in, say, forests and on narrow tracks with sharp turns is a good turning circle. The smaller the circle, the more agile the vehicle should be. Here's a roundup of a range of current 4WDs. Sometimes, more than one turning circle has been quoted for the same vehicle in specifications, in which case the figure quoted below is the average. There's an arm-tiring 4.56m difference between the tightest and largest circles!
  9.8      Suzuki Jimny
10.2      Suzuki Grand Vitara 2-door
10.6      Jeep Wrangler 2-door
11.0      Suzuki Grand Vitara 5-door
11.2      Mitsubishi Challenger
11.3      Hummer H3
11.3      Range Rover Vogue
11.4      Land Rover Discovery 4
11.6      Jeep Grand Cherokee
11.6      Toyota Prado
11.8      Mitsubishi Triton
11.8      Toyota Land Cruiser 200
12.2      Jeep Wrangler Unlimited
12.2      Nissan Patrol
12.4      Toyota FJ Cruiser
12.6      Land Cruiser 70 wagon
13.3      Land Rover Defender 90
13.6      Mercedes-Benz G-Class (LWB)
14.36    Land Rover Defender 110

By way of comparison, a Holden Commodore VE does a 360 in 11.4m

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  1. Useful list. Some of those Land Rovers have b-i-g circles!