August 14, 2010

Run amok in Melbourne

Holy crap, Batman! There's all sorts of wonderful rubbish in the bazaar area.
For anyone with some airpoints to use for a good cause, I heartily recommend the National 4WD show in Melbourne, Sept 3-5, an off-road enthusiast's Nirvana. Get the details here. Having done it several times, let me warn you to give it a full day to see, touch and play with all the toys, especially as it's teamed with a huge boating and fishing show at no added cost. If this notice is too short, a smaller version will be held in Brisbane April 8-10 and in Sydney later on.

Whadda you mean I won't be able to take them as cabin luggage,
they're only 36s?
… or maybe not: post-show update: Some members of the Aussie Jeep forum have been scathing in their comments about this year's show. I'm including some as a caveat emptor. Must say I've enjoyed the ones I've attended, though:  • It's junk every year • this year was especially crap – less to look at • all 4x4 shows are junk • it has its place but tends to be cater for newer or prospective 4x4 owners • if you include entry $16, parking $10, buy a drink etc, it doesn't work out that cheap. All I can say about the  show is, I WANT MY THREE HOURS BACK.

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