August 7, 2010

Knowledge nerd named

Congratulations to Dennis Bartlett who won 4WDNewz's first Knowledge Nerd contest, for which the prize is, well, the satisfaction of having won! The Rocsta was a civilian derivative of a Korean army light 4WD and achieved reasonable export sales in the 1990s. A few came to New Zealand and the one featured here was on a rather elaborate and sometimes elevated off-road course at a car show at Auckland's Greenlane showgrounds, back in 1996 (see the photo below left). 

One year later, the Rocsta was discontinued, so it's probably a good job that thousands of kiwis didn't queue to buy it. Available in both petrol and diesel, using Mazda engines, one of the New Zealand Rocstas was modified as a trials machine. Does anyone know what happened to it, or any of the others?

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